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Fire "Anadrol 50" at old Edison High School under investigation

Fire "Anadrol 50" officials continued the investigation Thursday into a Buy Cheap Jintropin Online 4 alarm fire at the old Edison High School in North Philadelphia. Wednesday at the building at 7th Street and Lehigh Avenue.

Heavy smoke was seen on arrival and a second alarm was struck about 10 minutes later, followed by a third alarm.

During Primobolan En Zweten the blaze, the smoke could be seen for miles.

"It just snowballed into Gensci Jintropin a whirlwind of flames that covered the entire roof within minutes," said Taisha Figueroa of "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" North Philadelphia.

The building was most recently known as the Julia DeBurgos Middle Magnet School but had been abandoned for two years with the electricity turned off and the windows boarded up.

Many people in the surrounding Masteron For Endurance neighborhood went to the castle like structure when it was Edison High School and they were sad Sustanon 250 3rd Week to see it go.

"This is a piece of history here," said Dean Ortiz of North Philadelphia. "You got gargoyles in the front, you see the statue up top, looks like a castle. This community we''re losing that."